How To Start Raise Funds –

Tarjetas Euromillones – Real Casa de la Tarjeta is a  company specialized in fund raising systems for Associations, Collectives, NGOs, etc. who have the need to self-nance in order to continue providing their social work. Creators of the original Cornucopias: system of cards linked with euromillón.

We are a  young and dynamic team  that make up the dierent departments that have: Commercial Department, Design Department, Production Department, Distribution Department and R & D Department.

The independent operation of each of them makes it easier to  meet delivery times, which are usually between 48 and 72 hours, with free delivery,  except Ceuta, Melilla and Canarias.

In addition to being the first company dedicated to fund raising systems,  we have an exclusive R + D department, previously mentioned, which positions us as a leading company in Europe.

Real Casa de la Tarjeta is the  only Spanish company that guarantees its rigorous guarantee and authenticity controls. In addition, its continuous development has allowed us to reduce costs, being possible to access orders of minimum quantities and serve them within a very short delivery time.

Real Casa de la Tarjeta has made the Cornucopias cards  the most innovative, revolutionary and protable system for attracting economic resources  from all types of Associations,Collectives and diverse Clubs.

Our best guarantee is that  more than 95% of the group of Associations have already enjoyed the benefits of the Cornucopias cards,  and reiterate, day by day, their  condencein our products.


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