How to Counteract Water Damage in LCD TVs –

Sunlight Readable LCD – There are no two courses about the way that top-notch LCD TVs give uncommon picture quality fresh and distinctive pictures and high-class determination. Be that as it may, the tragic part is that this quality and determination can be altered and traded off by water and dampness harm.

The Liquid Crystal Display TV screen has a layer of fluid gems between two thin sheets of glass that is inclined to water harm from coordinate contact and dampness noticeable all around.

Some normal indications of water harm in LCD TVs include:

The nearness of water spots,

Dampness spots show in the middle of the glass sheets,

In extreme cases, ink blotches show up underneath the screen.

Here’s the manner by which you can avoid water harm in your LCD TV screens:

Apply a screen defender to shield the screen from coincidental spills and abundance dampness,

Clean the TV screen once a day to keep any dampness develop or flotsam and jetsam,

Abstain from showering water specifically onto the LCD TV screen; it is best to hose a delicate material and wipe the screen to avoid potential harms.

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Lamentably, if your LCD TV screen has been water harmed, at that point take after the steps expressed underneath to legitimately repair it without spending tons of money:

Step#1 – Turn of your LCD TV and unplug any electrical segments that are as yet associated with it. This is on the grounds that water needs power to spread. Regardless of whether the turn is killed, your TV is devouring force on the off chance that it is connected to.

Step#2 – Unscrew the screen to uncover circuit sheets. Once unscrewed, put the circuit board(s) in a sack with silica gel parcels and abandon them overnight. Till at that point, spill out any water that is left in the TV case. Make utilization of vacuums, clothes and packed air to dispose of each drop.

Step#3 – the following morning, expel the circuit board from the sack and keep it on a table. Hose a brush with isopropyl liquor and wipe the circuit board delicately. Ensure you clean off all the rust and disintegration without harming the inner parts.

Step#4 – Once you finish step#3, dry the board with your compacted air and re-introduce the television as it was previously. Module and check whether it is working fine or not.


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