Arctic Circle Trail –

Arctic Circle Trail – Life is too short. Furthermore, the world is extremely a major place to investigate in one lifetime. Each explorer has his own particular container rundown of “must see puts before I pass on”. We have assembled one such rundown of 10 unique treks. What recognizes this rundown is the assortment of encounters and goals to suit each taste, from taking a voyage to Antarctica or the Trans-Siberian rail travel from Moscow to Beijing, from scuba making a plunge the Great Barrier Reef to trekking the Inca Trail at Machu Picchu, to encountering the Northern Lights from Norway and notwithstanding swimming in the Dead Sea!

Journey To Antarctica from Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia is a definitive Heaven’s entryway to the less navigated white mainland – the Antarctica. Broadly named as the apocalypse, Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet, arranged at the southernmost tip of Argentina. It’s at a jumping separation from the white mainland.

Antarctica is a solidified forsake of flickering white the extent that the vision can enter. What is significantly more charitable here are the ice arrangements, taking after like etched stone monuments – call it nature’s own specialty. See whales, seals, and ocean fowls deserving of marine ballads. Uncommon creature experiences and openings discovered no place else, however here. This is extreme investigation. Nature untouched, undiscovered.

Your Antarctica voyage visit can last somewhere in the range of eight – fifteen days, circumnavigating through the icy mass ascents and islands like Cape Horn, Georgia’s and Falklands.

Inca Trail Trek at Machu Picchu, Peru

Our next unique experience is the Inca Trail Trek at Machu Picchu which is an archeological ponder and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result of its current archeological demolishes along the trek course, there is a sheer feeling of secret and wonder for any individual who treks this course.

At the intriguing city of Cuzco, one must stop for acclimatization as the oxygen levels here quell definitely. Cuzco has itself been perceived as a world legacy site by the UNESCO. The Inca Trail is a tough trek that leads over 3000 meters, the most astounding point being at 4200m above ocean level. The trail is immersed with numerous old pioneer structures and frescos in transit. The best time to take this trek is from April to October, with pinnacle months being from June to August. What’s more, it is obligatory to book your trek with a visit administrator, to attempt consistent.

The course is gently riveted enough to take you on a little soul-seeking venture. Savor in this most extreme rapture of self-restraint. Take a trail through the time travel back to the past.

Cruise the Greek Islands

A standout amongst the most pocket-accommodating visiting places in Europe, the Greek Islands make for a fortunate occasion spot. On the off chance that sapphire blue waters charm you and shorelines tempt you, presented with drop-dead flawless dusk sees out of sight then straightforwardly make a beeline for the Greek Islands.

The amphibian appeal here is more than one can request, to such an extent that you might be puzzled by the tremendous scope of prospects to browse. Since most islands are scantily arranged from each other, as though sprinkled over the Aegean Sea, the most ideal approach to find the Greek Islands is by sanctioning a yacht or even only a lodge in a yacht. Normally, a yacht utilized for lodge contracts offer private lodges, washrooms, indoor and open air regular regions and access to shore through methods for gangplank or delicate/dinghy. Your yacht is your extravagant settlement and method of transport while on your disclosure of the Greek Islands.

Couple of prominent islands are Santorini (a Honeymoon top pick), Crete (a trekker’s heaven), Mykonos (most dynamic and exuberant place for nightlife and shorelines), Corfu (medieval engineering, an UNESCO world legacy site) and Rhodes (humming with social vindication alongside grand magnificence). Venture in at whatever time of the year, the place will at present be overflowing with sightseers, edge restrain outperforming generally in the summers.

Download Windows Drivers Free –

Kyocera USB Modem Driver – Before, anybody would go insane stressed when their product drivers turn out badly. Luckily, with late progressions it would be workable for anybody to just download drivers free on the web. With the downloaded driver, the product drivers could be refreshed and mistakes in it might be settled. With the utilization of this product, the framework can be stayed up with the latest if the most recent drivers are utilized.

One doesn’t have to invest excessively energy surfing the net, or nor would one have to spend a great deal of money attempting to get another gadget driver. The times of the rummaging chase is positively over. With a basic download, consequently the maker driver is scanned for while the client can play out whatever tasks they have to do. With the new downloaded programming, the execution of the PC framework will be upgraded and no blunder messages will fly all over. May it be a PC nerd and even an outsider to the online world, download drivers and through freedom be the response to the driver issues. The standard practice when there is an issue in the PC framework will be to enlist an IT master and pay a vast sum for their administration.

Our site is about mobile USB, PC, Laptops and other windows drivers to download free. We are sharing the all needed drivers for all windows versions to download free.

Redesigning the frameworks could disturb to a few people. Regardless of whether there are mistake messages, the framework would in any case foul up. However, having a crisply introduced driver, the greater part of the blunders and anything that ought to be settled will be settled just by getting the most recent updates thus having the framework run superbly. In any case, if the issue lies on the equipment, then it is out of the control of the product driver. Something else that might irritate is a malfunctional equipment. Now and again, the client won’t understand that the equipment and the product driver introduced won’t be good. With the download driver free introduced, instantly the maker of that new equipment is reached and the correct driver gets introduced.

How Car Title Loans Help You During Emergencies –

Atlanta title loans – The pubic have dependably relied on banks amid times when they need monetary help. For quite a long time, they have dependably been giving individuals the guide they require in times of money related emergency. Today, banks are as yet giving budgetary help to general society however have been constrained to individuals who have nice FICO scores. Because of the current financial subsidence which has struck the nation and whatever is left of the world, banks were compelled to take stricter measures in loaning. FICO assessment has turned into a prerequisite in loaning individuals cash. It has now turned out to be more troublesome for individuals to obtain cash from banks. The individuals who have awful FICO scores or whose FICO assessment has been flawed by their current budgetary downsides would have no other decision however to search for another approach to help them address their issues.

Individuals who for the most part come to banks for help are the individuals who are in dire need of cash for crisis circumstances. It could either be for restorative consideration or just paying critical bills. Beside the way that banks now have the obligation to mind individuals’ credit execution, handling of advance applications has taken longer than normal. A few people have thought that it was more troublesome and tedious to get the cash they require from this money related organizations. Nowadays, individuals need speed and comfort to address their issues. Due to these conditions, they have come to swing to auto title advances for offer assistance.

Atlanta Title Pawn offers lowest rates on title pawns in Atlanta, where the title for any type of vehicle is used as collateral in exchange for giving the borrower money which will be paid back over time with simple terms.

In the event that there was a credit in which individuals can depend on amid times of crises, auto title advance is one of the better choices. To acquire an auto title advance, the borrower simply needs to utilize his or her auto’s title as insurance. As it were, the borrower is obliged to surrender the title of his or her auto to the bank as security for the advance. You simply need an unmistakable title and that you are in actuality the proprietor of the auto. In addition, the loan specialist will evaluate your auto to decide the sum you could get from it.

As opposed to banks, auto title advances don’t require their borrowers to have great credit standing. You don’t need a fair FICO score to profit the credit. Being a secured advance, your auto’s title is sufficient to get your credits endorsed. It would not make any difference on the off chance that you have great credit, terrible credit or no financial record. All you need is an auto and your auto’s title. Such advances have basic necessities however with extraordinary advantages.

Auto title credits help you amid crises with its oversimplified and quick advance preparing. Individuals who are in desperate need of cash can quickly address their requirements in a matter of hours. Credit preparing and endorsement ordinarily take 24 to 48 hours. You can in a split second get your cash when your advance has been affirmed. You can without much of a stretch get you money inside 24 hours! With auto title credits, you can get the medicinal consideration you need and pay your bills in the blink of an eye!

Why You Should Buy Wine Online –

Discount Wine Online – What are a portion of the best advantages that joined purchasing wine on the web? When purchasing wine from an online source, you can clearly hope to get a rich determination of basically any sort of wine that rings a bell. One of the trials most are confronted with when endeavoring to locate their most loved wine from a nearby store is managing the rare determination you are welcomed with. This is because of the way that most nearby stores just convey an extremely focused on and thin class of wines.

When purchasing wine online you can inconclusively discover a practically limitless wellspring of wines at deal at deal costs. The World Wide Web is a to a great degree aggressive market of items and assets so with such an enormous number of online wine stores all vieing for your business, it’s no big surprise you can discover a portion of the best costs accessible. These organizations will utilize exceptional measures utilizing fabulous arrangements and strategies to guarantee they get your business. These online organizations likewise never need to stress over having neighborhood operational expense so this regularly eminent measure of sparing can be passed on to you the customer.

Accommodation is yet another gainful motivation to purchase wine from an online source. With the advances in innovation nowadays getting your esteemed container of wine from an online store is truly as straightforward as hitting two or three catches signing onto the web and picking essentially any sort of wine possible. In any case, that is quite recently the start, after you put in your request online the wine by and large will land at your doorstep inside only a couple short days. What does this mean for you? It implies you can arrange your most loved wine from an online asset, and never at any point need to step foot outside of the solace of your own home.

Given the chance to purchase your most loved wine from an online store is not quite recently helpful, but rather it can at times be even more secure and more secure than obtaining from a neighborhood source. Since you never go out you can make certain you never have an open door for you to potentially lose a charge card, or whatever other strangely essential individual budgetary data. Most online stores nowadays take additional measures with regards to keeping their clients money related data secured and secure by offering absolutely bother free watched requesting forms.

Deciding to Have Surgery –

Drink before surgery – The one thing that each one of those individuals making a beeline for the working room have in like manner is that they have put their trust in the hands of the surgical group. That is the reason it is so imperative for anybody having surgery to realize what’s in store and what to think about their surgery. This article will concentrate on helping you comprehend what’s in store when your first find that you may require surgery.

When you have verified that you may require surgery, your doctor will allude you to a specialist. Contingent upon the seriousness of your requirement for surgery, you may see a specialist that same day, or you will have an arrangement a couple days to half a month later. You may see your specialist once, or you may have a few arrangements before choosing surgery is appropriate for you.

At your pre-operation arrangement your specialist will inform you regarding the surgery you will have. They will talk about the advantages of having surgery and they will illuminate you of the dangers. You might sign papers amid this arrangement giving the specialist consent to play out the surgery, so on the off chance that you have any inquiries, PLEASE don’t be reluctant to inquire. Your specialist needs you to be all around educated. You will then be booked for surgery. Contingent upon the kind of surgery and your wellbeing status, you may be planned at a same-day surgery focus or at a healing facility.

You ought to get directions on what to do before surgery. They may have you wash with a specific sort of disinfectant the prior night; they may request that you shave the territory where you will have surgery, and so on. Be that as it may, the most critical thing to recall is whether they request that you not eat or drink anything after 12 pm, this incorporates biting gum, sucking on sweet, and so on. On the off chance that you stroll into the surgery focus the day of surgery biting gum, your surgery will no doubt be put off. On the off chance that you take any day by day prescription and they have let you know not to eat or drink anything before your surgery, see whether they need you to take your morning solution. Some of the time they will in any case need you to bring your drug with a little taste of water (particularly on the off chance that you are on any cardiovascular, circulatory strain solution).

The most imperative piece of your meeting with your specialist is that you comprehend the surgery you are having and that you take after the guidelines given to you. In the event that you have any inquiries, ensure you find solutions.

Panasonic Phones Takes Communication to New Level –

Panasonic PBX System – Despite the fact that cell phones have had an incredible effect in transit we utilize phones for correspondence, office telephones still control the perch with regards to utility and helpfulness. They are valuable for accepting calls from outside, as well as work well for magnificently to communicate inside the workplace.

They are perfect for –

– Creating a system inside the workplace complex

– Terminating various lines from phone trades

– Expanding unendingly logically

– Sending and accepting fax messages

– Sharing one or many phone lines crosswise over various clients

Alternate advantages incorporate –

– Low working expense

– Low gear cost

– Easy to computerize

– Extensive models and elements

– Easy to repair or supplant

– Extended life cycle and sturdiness

Panasonic Office Phones are a standout amongst the most favored telephones around the world. What makes them so unique is their extensive variety of telephones for homes and also organizations. They are good with phone trade hardware, give completely clear voice and can be consolidated and synchronized with different supplies like EPABX and PBX. They are accessible in various designs and additionally in various value ranges.

A portion of the well known Panasonic telephones are – corded phones, corded landline telephone with guest ID, cordless phone, cordless guest ID phone, guest ID programmable tone/beat setting phone with headset jack, guest ID phone with headset jack (solely for use with Panasonic EPABX), cordless guest ID phone with battery reinforcement.

Panasonic brings advanced communication telephone solutions for you through a variety of digital and IP telephone systems that are made to cater to all of your business communications requirements. No matter the size or scale of your business, the Panasonic Telephone System Dubai can provide you with any of your telephone solution requirement regardless of other factors. The Telephone System by Panasonic has been designed in a way that unified communications can be attained. This is done by productivity applications that are a presence- enriched and can streamline and increase the office communications.

Still more guest ID phones with up to 3-way phone call (with 1 outside line), guest ID phone with 3-route conferencing (with 2 outside line), cordless double handset telephones, cordless called ID telephone divider mountable rechargeable batteries, corded and cordless telephone 2-in-1 guest ID phone with 3-way conferencing, guest ID phone with 3-way meeting and up to 8 expansions are additionally accessible in the Panasonic scope of telephones.

Computerized key telephones, 3 lines with 8 augmentation telephones and expandable up to 24 expansions, propelled half and half framework telephones with 3 lines and 16 expansions, and numerous different models are likewise yours to consider when you arrange them for your office.

Here are a few components that make Panasonic business telephones perfect for use in even most requesting circumstances. (Elements are reliant on the model you pick)

– Large LCD presentations of up to 1.8 inch

– Power disappointment reinforcement with rechargeable battery for cordless telephones

– Name and number storerooms

– Dual area utilize – divider mount or potentially work area best perfect

– Dual Handsets for cordless telephones

– Mesh speakers for without hands operation

– Up to 100 name telephone directory memory

– 2-Digit message counter/Digital answer frameworks

– Reversible handsets for comfort of operation

– Light-up pointer with ringer alarm in handset (selective to cordless)

– Digital Speakers for extremely predominant sound quality

– Illuminated show for low-lit room conditions

– 2-line operation to handle top hour request

These are yet a small amount of the focal points you will see in Panasonic telephones and they are altogether made to universal norms utilizing a portion of the best materials. Panasonic is additionally rumored for the high assembling guidelines, inflexible and uncompromising quality controls and creativity.


Call center outsourcing – Outsourcing is the business practice of either contracting, or sub-contracting third party firms to take up the tasks, roles, or responsibilities of an organization in order to among others, free up cash or space, reduce redundancies, save on time, and negate the need to invest more money in order to have those functions performed in-house.

Inasmuch as the practice confers plenty of benefits to organizations that embrace it, it is not without its fair share of downsides. These include: the loss of managerial controls by the parent organization, the possibility of accruing hidden costs, compromised security due to the loss of confidentiality, poor quality services, negative publicity, and predisposition to negative externalities i.e. those factors that are beyond the control of the organization but which nevertheless have a bearing on its productivity, among others.

The purpose and intent of the proceeding discussions entitled; “top 5 ways to minimize the risk of outsourcing” is to explore some of the most effective means and ways through which organizations may mitigate those downsides/potential dangers outlined above.

Conduct Thorough Background of the Company before Purchasing an Outsourcing Plan

This is perhaps the most significant of all the possible intervention mechanisms. Before purchasing an outsourcing plan, it is necessary that the parent company conduct thorough due diligence and vet all the possible companies before settling on one. Information regarding the suitability of companies for the job may be ascertained by way of testimonials or referrals from previous clients. In case the business relies heavily on trade secrets, then “Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)” are very important to forestall the disclosure of any such secrets to third parties/competitors.

Improve Communications with the Third Party Company

Given the fact that outsourcing companies are usually located far away from a parent company, and often operate independently from the parent company, the possibility that the final product/outcome is inconsistent with the organizational needs is often very high. To avoid such mishaps, it is necessary that communications between the parent and the third party company be strong and robust through the entire duration of the contract.

Create a Budget and Stick to it

A budget is a plan of expenditure. As has already been stated earlier, one of the dangers of outsourcing is the risk of incurring hidden costs. Creating and abiding by a budget is a sure way of controlling runaway expenditure and avoiding such risks.

Develop a Comprehensive Roadmap and Abide by it

Outsourcing services are usually geared towards aiding parent companies achieve a specific long-term goal. To do this more effectively, roadmaps which are basically plans or strategies that are to be used to achieve those intended goals are often necessary to guide the companies in this regard, should be created and abided by faithfully. This could be done by breaking the entire project into phases and tying each phase to a payment schedule. Such a move ensures that any risks that may naturally arise out of outsourcing are mitigated as much as possible.

Familiarization with the Existing laws Governing Outsourcing

Each and every jurisdiction world over has its own set of rules and regulations that govern the entire process of outsourcing. These rules and regulations do not exist for the sake of it. They are put in place with the best interest of all the various stakeholders at heart and are designed to protect all such persons from any would-be misfortunes. It is necessary for companies to familiarize themselves with such laws first and foremost and see to it that they are upheld in any contract or agreement signed thereafter.

Call for Action

It is worth noting that the aforementioned “top 5 ways to minimize the risk of outsourcing” are by no means exhaustive owing to the intricate nature of the field of outsourcing as a whole as well as the unique nature of each business venture. It is therefore incumbent upon each prospective client to conduct thorough due diligence first before purchasing an outsourcing plan.

In order to navigate through the murky waters of outsourcing successfully, the intervention of a competent and experienced outsourcing firm is by all means vital. American-based companies that have a liking for Indian outsourcing companies may count on the 31West Global Services. This company is based in India and has offered high quality outsourcing services such as inbound phone support, e-mails, social media management, and chats; on a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week, and 365-days-a-year basis; to American firms for a total of 14 years now.

Prospective clients are advised to pay a visit to the company’s corporate website: for all the finer details regarding the company’s product portfolios, pricing, history and how to get started.

Effective Footprint of Social Media Agency on a Trade –

Social Media Agency – Proficient stages ought to counsel in accordance with the choice and adjustment of right and impeccable socialization methods. Simply the correct direction being profited by method for the organizations of the considerable number of sorts gives the organizations a chance to benefit pretty much every shot of accomplishment with respect to picked up and gained by them. Likewise the expert online networking organization direction dependably upgrades the ways for the individuals who are organizations to acquire an incredible interest and after that a solid resemblance related with the whole shopper world also said to be the organizations providing food the specific same specialties and concerns. The counsel and adjustment of constant expert strategies almost dependably be valuable in giving the organizations a chance to obtain high proportions of inclinations and steadfastness characteristics said to be the client group.

Being mingled is among the most huge prerequisite of the exemplary current situation. In a position to accomplish dynamic outcomes and acquire top of the line development prospects, working region comprehends business must info the most proper and valuable methodologies of socialization to achieve an effective position in this day and age of online business. The adjustment of immaculate intercommunication and association aptitudes is quite to bring one of the reliable proportions of accomplishment and continually expanding progress alternatives before the organizations of numerous types. It was constantly watched an ever increasing number of the organizations are social and exceptionally intelligent with the buyer world, the higher ought to be the odds to obtain lift and change extent.

Through the whole adjustment of right socialization systems, the organizations are allowed to express them and every one of the administrations offered and items preceding a buyers and in addition additionally clients. This sort of compelling socialization due to the customer world dependably explains the implications and meanings of the particular related organizations and this alludes to how the goodwill and unmistakable picture as to business gets depicted. The clients want to pick those organizations and their items that esteem them and draw out the items which really fulfill their necessities. This truly is the reason the organizations which have a more noteworthy proportion of client inclinations can accomplish high proportions of being effective and achievement.

A gifted online networking office knows best about giving the organizations a chance to wind up noticeably absolutely social and successfully responsive towards the shopper world. Making sense of how the Handlers and purchasers can get pulled in towards a particular business and every one of the administrations being which Is Available From it. This truly makes the entire organizations get very supported and achieve incredible incomes and awesome movements comprehensively. Ending up plainly exceedingly social and absolutely intuitive is incredibly imperative and organizations being more social are constantly ready to achieve the shopper resemblance and inclinations than whatever other organization cooking another comparable specialty and incorporates.

Benefits of Staying in Ann Arbor Apartments For Rent –

Apartments in ann arbor – Not everybody has the benefit of going to class and it is something that, sadly, so a significant number of us absolutely disregard. Many individuals don’t give it enough esteem, and considerably more are absent to the conceivable results of not satisfying our obligations, particularly when you consider the way that our folks, or our watchmen or in some cases even our friends and family give up so much to make sure we can set foot on a school.

This is the place we can arm ourselves with a superior open door later on. In the event that you are one of the individuals who esteemed your training substantially more when you were more youthful and had the guts and assurance to oppose allurements of dropping out, then bravo. For the individuals who either were not sufficiently lucky to make it in the training command hierarchy or did not esteem it adequately to justify an appropriate complete, there are still a lot of chances accessible to you.

Age is not anything besides rather a number. Not just host to one of the enduring contenders in the NCAA Tournament, which by the route is close to, the guidelines of learning set by this establishment are well above numerous others and does not so much represent that enormous of an issue with respect to costs. On the off chance that you live in the condition of Michigan, this could be the place for you

We are the most Awarded Property Management Company in Ann Arbor. The reason is simple. It stems from our philosophy: “Treat all our Residents like Family!”
So whether you would prefer to live in one of our Deluxe Studio, 1-2-3 bedroom Apartments or a Charming 4 Bedroom Home, you can be assured that we will always work hard at making your stay with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Regardless of whether you are beginning to gain a degree in school or needing to net that slippery bosses or doctorate respect, you might take a gander at your future second home. Still, you need to search for suitable lodging in the range, particularly in the event that you would prefer not to remain in some of their residences. This is, all things considered, a favored taste in home, so pick admirably as you being agreeable is vital in proceeding with your reviews. There is likewise one among the University of Michigan Housing ventures that you can appreciate.

This decent group is Signature Club Apartments in Ann Arbor. You may choose from the distinctive two-room units, all having joined carports and also private sections. The place has its private yard, and the group is certainly exceptionally pet-accommodating. You will never be exhausted as there is a tennis court recently close-by, with a wellness focus accessible for your preparation regimen and exercise schedules. The swimming pools are promptly available on the off chance that you need to take an unwinding plunge, or notwithstanding for loved ones in the event that they happen to drop by.

5 libri dedicati a tutti i papà del mondo, per bambini dai 12 mesi ai 4 anni –

Libri per bambini – Ecco a voi una breve raccolta di libri dedicati a tutti i papà!

Émile Jadoul, Papà isola, Babalibri

Questa è la storia di Gigi l’orso, che si chiede, come tutti i papà, «sarò un bravo papà?». Per Gigi un bravo papà doveve saper far tutto, «un super papà sa fare questo e quello. Sa nuotare e costruire, sa giocare a pallone e fare un sacco di altre cose che io non so fare!» Ma mamma Orsa sa che Gigi sarà un bravo papà: un papà-isola dove il loro cucciolo potrà riposare, un papà-capanna che protegge il suo piccolo dal vento e dal freddo, un papà-cavallo che lo accompagna all’avventura, un papà-aeroplano che lo porterà alla scoperta del mondo! Forse il nostro Gigi diventerà un super papà, addirittura il re di tutti i papà! Con grande tenerezza Émile Jadoul affronta il turbine di emozioni e perplessità che ogni genitore affronta prima della nascita del proprio figlio.
Consigliato dai 2 anni e per tutti i papà in dolce attesa

Bruna Barros, Insieme con papà, Il leone verde edizioni

Bruna Bastos, Insieme con papà, Il leone verde edizioni

Un bambino gioca al cellulare nel laboratorio del papà, concentrato solo sul piccolo schermo.
All’improvviso, inaspettatamente qualcosa cattura la sua attenzione…un oggetto molto più semplice, ma che con un po’ di fantasia può diventare qualsiasi cosa!
Un silent book dove un bambino sogna insieme al suo papà e riscopre la bellezza delle piccole cose e di quanto è bello stare con le persone che amiamo.
A volte un semplice oggetto e la complicità di papà ci possono trasportare nel mondo della fantasia. Insieme e con poco si può andare ovunque.
Consigliato dai 3 anni e per tutti i papà creativi e sognatori

Mario Ramos, A letto piccolo mostro, Babalibri

È arrivato il momento di andare a nanna e come spesso accade, comincia una battaglia tra padri e figli. “A letto, piccolo mostro!” dice il papà, ma il “bimbo” non ne vuole sapere, ogni scusa è buona per rimandare il momento di andare a letto: un bacio alla mamma, giocare con lo spazzolino da denti, saltare sul letto, la scelta del libro da leggere, il bicchiere d’acqua ecc. Papà non fa altro che ripetere “A letto, piccolo mostro!”, ma c’è un finale a sorpresa…forse non sono i nostri figli a essere dei piccoli mostri…
Consigliato dai 4 anni e per i papà stanchi e stressati.

Eric Carle, Papà mi prendi la luna per favore?, La Margherita edizioni

Un libro particolare, come tanti dei libri illustrati di Eric Carle. Papà mi prendi la luna per favore? Queste sono le parole di Monica. La bambina vorrebbe la luna per giocarci, così il suo papà si mette in viaggio per prendergliela. Un’impresa non facile, come fare per arrampicarsi fino alla luna? Un papà farebbe di tutto per la sua bambina e così alla fine riesce nell’intento. Ma la luna è troppo grande da portare a casa! Chissà come verrà risolto questo problema? Leggete il libro e ne rimarrete sorpresi!
Consigliato dai 3 anni e per tutti i papà che farebbero di tutto per i loro bambini.

Émile Jadoul, Le mani di papà, Babalibri

Prima ancora che nasca un bimbo le mani di papà sono pronte ad attenderlo; mani che coccolano, che accorgono, mani che accompagnano, mani che aiutano a crescere. Un giorno però arriva il momento in cui il bimbo lascia le mani di papà per muovere, da solo, i primi passi. Bravo bebè! Papà è fiero di lui!
Consigliato dai 12 mesi e per tutti i papà che hanno mani grandi e forti pronti ad appoggiare e proteggere i loro piccoli.